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Free Guidance for Conversion of Client server to Web
: Client/Server software model is giving way to server based software used over the internet. If you want  to change your client/server model application with us, send your details for free guidance. Read

Free Resources: Listing of  some Web site s where you can find the free resources of Java Servlet, ASP, XML and Flash

Free Database Design Evaluation: 

Importance of database design

Database design is very critical to the scalability and performance of the applications. Also it is  difficult to make changes to the application once it is completed. As organizations giving thrust to web,web based database programming is gaining momentum against client/server architectures. Technologies such as asp,jsp,Servlet,xml are popular  among developers.


If the database is poorly designed it will affect the performance of the application. The whole process of developing a database is called as database development life cycle(DDLC). It includes information gathering to determine user's data needs , database schema(logical structure) design to satisfy those needs , selection of a BMS to support the use of the database development of computer programs to use the database and review of user information needs in context of the development of database.


If you are seriously thinking of redesigning your database with us then send us the details of your needs, or mail us the database structure you have.

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