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How to find a good Hosting partner

Web hosting partner selection and service quality checking is critical for success of ebusiness . Some check points are listed below

1. Domain pointing -Can more than one sites be pointed to the server space. If you are looking to host more than one site ask for the details about this. This can save your money

2. Space- Your site is loaded in their server. It takes space. A static web page  pages would take only a limited space. For example this page you are reading is 9.8 kb . And find  the home page of  our TK Infosystems site  with flash animation is 17.6 Kb . It is suggested that your page size never exceeds 28kb As the application become complex and big the space requirement also increases. Take only what is essential for you. But most of the hosting companies provides in multiples of 1Mb.

3. FTP Access- If you are familiar with a little bit of coding and some familiarity with computers you can do the minor changes by yourself. If you need regular updating etc. go for FTP access right.

4. Hidden costs - Like set up charges, Data Transfer charges etc. Ask the hosting company to narrate all the extra services they offer and respective charges.

5. Set up charges : Initial set up charge & also for each additional domain pointing.

6. Supporting software:For example if you are planning for a site with ASP coding the server should support it


7. Charges for additional e-mail ids

8. Client list  - Ask for list of satisfied customers who are using the same service as you  are planning for. Then check the performance w.r.t to speed of down load and up time. Uptime must be above 99.9% (uptime 99% means you site will be down app for three days in an year!!!).

9. Service ranking - There are many sites which provide the ranking of hosting companies weighing their performance and also customer satisfaction. Though we found  many times that these  rankings are not very reliable.

10. Practical Steps- Some  people say the best way is go through the sites you liked with respect to speed & uptime . And then find who is the hosting partner of the service .Then ask for their charges

Be cautious to know the hidden charges. Also about the software support

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