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Database Driven Web site
Database driven web site

Database driven web sites are replacing the web site development using static pages. Database driven Web site programming helps organization to provide interactive online information

With the introduction of Internet and World Wide Web now we have free access to information and can do business from any part of the world. For companies and organizations, web is an effective and  interactive means of  advertising their  products, services and  for providing  information.

In the beginning the use of Internet was limited for communication and providing information. In this limited sense also it was very difficult to provide information through web sites designed by static pages; because then needs  to change the page every time for new entry. Online web sites with searchable  database  is gaining popularity now.

Programming  with new technologies such as ASP, JSP, Servlet, XML has contributed very much for this. Oracle and SQL Server databases has  proved its reliability in  the web also.


In the past we  had many problems in preparing CGI scripts. But now modern scripting solutions like ASP, JSP, Servlets and PHP have tremendously simplified web applications development. New products are keep on coming out from great software houses including Sun and Microsoft

We Offer

1Database driven web site development using  technologies like Servlet, JSP, ASP , XML and  Applet. Data base with Oracle and SQL Server
Application development providing security, scalability and reliability.
3. Developing Web Application giving importance to database design, which is a key factor for performance.

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