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Mcommerce  Solutions
Mcommerce solutions

Mcommerce  is  the way of doing business transactions in the wireless net. Advancement of technology for mcommerce solutions development provide facility for paperless buying and selling of information, products and service through the web site typically by  using mobile phone service.

The user can view the sites on his mobile phone's browser, can purchase the  goods, or services over the wireless net. The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a set of protocols that work with existing standards to make the Internet accessible through digital wireless devices.

A  WAP service include 3 parts. The WAP Service provider (mobile service provider) , The WAP content provider(may be an independent WAP enabled portal or the mobile service provider itself) and your WAP enabled mobile phone.

When one person  try to access WAP enabled site through mobile phone , the mobile service provider authenticates you on their WAP server which in turn will transfer you to their WAP gateway. During this time the call rate will be different. The WAP gateway then transfers you to the WAP service provider who will provide you with services such as news , e-mail etc. WAP phones have a microbrowser which allows to navigate the content like a conventional browser.

WAP incorporates a protocol called WTLS ( Wireless Transport Layer Security) which enables authentication and encryption of data. WAP phones with GSM currently connect at the rate of 9,600 bps compared to 33,600 BPS to 56,000 BPS Introduction of GPRS will bring big changes for down load speed through the mobile phone. The document format  is  WML. (Wireless Markup Language).


More details about WAP 

Issues before MCommerce

Security become a great issue as ecom and mcom services take shape. Issues such as signal interception and decryption used to be security and privacy issues, but with people transmitting credit card information, making financial transactions and accessing customized and personal data with their phones it must be handled properly.
Just as on the fixed-line Internet, information can be intercepted and decoded. The longer the lag between the time the information is sent and it is received, the more opportunity for it to be intercepted. Wireless Internet technologies are all low-bandwidth, high-latency technologies. Most data and Internet services are operating at speeds of 9.6 kb/s to 14.4 kb/s, much slower than the average 56 kb/s dial-up modem. The combined slowness of the connection and the time spent making the connection can make one transmission last from 10 to 40 seconds, an opportunity for the crackers.
Security can be provided using digital signatures, which are the transformation of an electronic message using public key cryptography. Consumers would apply for digital certificates with trusted third parties, and would then be assigned the digital signatures which would tie them to documents signed and can't be reproduced.

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WAP enabled Web site development to facilitate mcommerce

WAP enabling of your  existing Web site  for mcommerce solutions

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