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Intranet/extranet Application Development
Intranet/extranet Application development

Intranet provide Internet services within an organization. Intranet site developer /consultant provide solution for connecting the computers  together with Internet technology. Extranet solution provider helps organization to link its computers with their suppliers and vendors etc. using Internet technology.

Intranet uses Internet technology to deliver an organization internal information including E-mail, Mail servers and Web Servers with the internal applications. The user interface is provided by the web browsers. Hosting of web pages are in servers which can be accessed by client machines

Our objective is to organize each individual's desktop with minimal cost, time and effort. Intranet services include Mail servers, File transfers, Web services, Audio services and Video services. Existing database and software applications should also be integrated into Intranet-which need proper plan


We Offer

1. Developing Intranet/extranet application using latest technologies like JSP, Servlet, XML and ASP.

2. Integrating existing database and application into Intranet/extranet.

3. Developing Intranet/extranet applications like Online Discussion forum, Company forms, Online Polls, Live chat etc.

4. Consultancy service for Applications development

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