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Reusable Software Component Development
Reusable software component development

Realization of reusable software component development is helping development firms to build complex systems quickly

Software industry was not successful in achieving the benefits of reusability because there was no standard, portable way to write software components. But now the situation is changing.

The components provided by you or supplied by different vendors can be easily integrate into your application. There is no need to rebuild these capabilities for new system.


Java Beans

Java Beans are software components designed to be reusable in a variety of different environments. The architecture of Java beans allows programs to be assembled from software building blocks. It is also possible for designer to select a component, understand its capabilities and incorporate into an application. It is very easy for a software developer to change a class written in Java to reusable Java Bean. Beans also forms a complement to ActiveX architecture. Internet Explorer, Visual Basic etc. can serve as containers for this components. It is also possible to use Java Beans in ActiveX containers

ActiveX Components

ActiveX is an object-embedded technology pursued by Microsoft Cooperation in response to Java, aimed for creating plug-ins or ActiveX controls for the Internet explorer. ActiveX security model is completely different from Java. 
Java implements security by restricting the freedom of applets to access data and communicate. 
ActiveX controls have no restriction to what they can do. Thus, the systems security is in the hands of the client. The ActiveX components can be created in Visual Basic , VC ++ and using Windows Scripting
We offer

1. Software component development using Java Beans and ActiveX.

2. Software component development designed to be reusable in different environments, also you can easily integrate into your application.

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