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Ecommerce Solutions
Ecommerce Solutions

Advancement of technology for ecommerce solutions development provide facility for paperless buying and selling of information, products and service through the web site

Security Issues

Paper purchase order cannot be modified without leaving evidence. That is not in the case of electronic transactions. Security means the prevention of distribution of information and unauthorized availability of information.

Cryptographic technique is the technology solution for all security services. There are many type of cryptographic techniques : Symmetric cryptosystems, Asymmetric cryptosystems, Digital signature etc.


Role of Protocols

To provide security there are many types of messaging security protocols like PEM, MOSS, PGP etc. .

Electronic cash over the Internet

Electronic cash is a new concept to execute cash payment using computers connected over Internet. Using software on the customers own computer, customers can withdraw e-cash from his own account in a bank. This is stored in the hard disk of consumers in an electronic wallet which can be spent by the customer to merchant for any money transaction.


Credit card transaction:  E-enabling your web sites

Before you can accept credit card payment you need to have merchant account from financial institution and they issue merchant ID and terminal ID. Your online transaction want to travel over a network for authorization and settlement. This network is called Payment gateways and they have their own highly sophisticated hardware and software which run under highly secured environment for customers. They identify you by checking your terminal ID and merchant ID
When a customer decides to purchase any item from your web site , he fills the form from your web site and submit it. Then your web site directly connect to the server and the network of payment gateway. The credit card number travels across this network to card issuing authority. This card issuing authority then authorizes the transaction to be accepted or rejected based on the credit limit of the customer.
Some of the well-known payment gateways in the US are CyberCash, VeriSign ,CyberSource, Payment Planet, Charge Solutions etc. From their web site you will get more information.
Some of the financial institutions are Wells Forgo, Citibank and American Express.

We offer

1. Ecommerce solutions using security services

2. Implementing online cash transaction through your web site

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