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XML Applications

XML application programming

XML application programming is going to replace HTML and SGML. The introduction of XML will remove the constraints holding back the web site Development. It is useful for ecommerce mcommerce application development. Especially with Java, XML  along with
extensible style language(XSL) has become very useful in web database programming.

XML- A relatively new document and data description language has many advantages in Web developing. Even though XML is designed to be a subset of SGML.(Standard Generalized Markup Language), it provides the web transmission function of HTML. XML is going to replace SGML and HTML-which are popular means of describing and distributing information

XML allows users to bring multiple files to form compound document. XML is flexible enough to be able to describe any logical text structure whether it be form, memo letter or database. 

XML is not a predefined set of tag but simplified version of SGML that could be used in the context of Internet. XML is extensible and also structured. We can create our own tag using XML. XML is a language from which other languages can be created. Does not require the presence of DTD(Document Type Definition) unlike SGML. Well-formedness of XML documents can be checked using XML parser. A parser takes an XML documents and generate an event stream. If the documents is not well-formed, then the parser fails.

XML is motivated by the complexity of SGML. SGML may be effective at describing text documents but is difficult to implement on web browsers.

XML can be  presented using document style and semantics specification language(DSSSL),the cascading style sheets(CSS)specification or the extensible style language(XSL). Using Java Script and document object model(DOM)it is easy to extract information

We can use XML technology for exchanging data between servers automatically also for wrapping database data to create custom content. Using XML it is possible to use any processing tool for any type of data and application having any format and syntax.

Dynamic  content generation is also possible through XML. Content can be stored  in XML documents and these documents can be stored in database and can be accessed over the Internet.

XML and Java 

Java and XML are both platform-independent. As we have seen earlier XML represents a set of self describing data. Java uses its object oriented nature for processing while XML uses its document nature. 

We offer

1. Web application programming using the latest technologies like XML, JSP, Servlet, and ASP etc.

2. Consultancy service for Applications development

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