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WAP Details

Wap site development

Advancement from e-mail to wireless technology has a great impact on the age of convergence. WAP enabled web site design and development is the requirement of the day.

The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a set of protocols that work with existing standards to make the Internet accessible through digital wireless devices (typically mobile phones - surfing  the web with a mobile phone.).Portals accessible through mobile phones   are called mortals. Development is   done using  WML

Working of  WAP

WAP introduces a third element, a gateway or proxy server, into the conversation. The wireless client sends requests to this gateway, and the gateway in turn requests from the server on the wireless client's behalf. The gateway acts as the interpreter in the conversation between the server and wireless client translating between WAP and HTTP. Communication between the gateway and the origin server is carried out in HTTP 1.1, just as any normal web communication is done. Encoders and decoders located in the gateway reduce the size of information packets to be sent to the wireless client. The main differences in this model are on the side of gateway to client communication
The Web architecture is in different layers

WAE (Wireless Application Environment) 

This layer gives the user interoperability with the web via the micro-browser. A combination of Internet and Mobile Telephony technologies reside in this layer in order to provide a wide range of functionality . WML, WML Script and Wireless Telephony Applications (WTA and WTAI) reside in the WAE.

WSP (Wireless Session Protocol) 

Includes services for browser applications for the wireless client. Basically, an optimized binary form of HTTP 1.1 with the ability to suspend, resume, and migrate sessions. This layer provides the immediate tools for the micro-browser to use in the transfer of information.
WTP (Wireless Transaction Protocol) 

Provides the mechanism for three types of transaction: unreliable one-way requests, reliable one-way requests, and reliable two-way request-reply. These are asynchronous in performance.
WTLS (Wireless Transport Layer Security) 

Based on TLS (Transport Layer Security) for the World Wide Web, WTLS provides data integrity, privacy, and authentication services. This includes encryption and decryption for secured transactions.
WDP (Wireless Datagram Protocol) 

This layer provides the upper layers with the services of the underlying bearers establishing a means of data throughput. This layer is completely transparent to the user.
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