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Web(wireless) portal development

Progressive business houses are keen to adapt new business models. And doing business through web portal is one of such new models. Developments in the wireless technology brings a lot of impact on portal development.

Concise Oxford Dictionary says Portal is a doorway or gate etc. Especially a large and elaborate one. In the world of Internet it is a doorway-a large and elaborate web site which  provide plenty of Services/Products
It means that a portal may offer, information, education, business, people, music, picture, software development, cartoon, travel, Indian ayurveda, books....any thing you name, it can be available in a portal. Depending on the nature of service and focus  it is classified into three. a. Horizontal Portal b. Vertical Portal-vortal c. Mobile(wireless) portal-mortal. Definition of this is given below

Horizontal Portal

It is a large web site which may contain a mix of things. From Job listing to Matrimonial. From Educational Institutions to Restaurants. From News to Entertainment. Even facility for an E-mail account...


Vertical Portal(Vortal)

Here the service is focused. That mean if it is a real estate portal it may deal with all issues related to property. It is very focused to the topic. In long run people imagine that a horizontal portal will be the integration of many verticals

E.g.:www.propertymartindia.com- a real estate portal
        www.soulpartner.com -a matrimonial portal

Mobile Portal(Mortal)

Yes this is the age of Convergence. People wish to communicate to the Portal from their Mobile Phones. It means you have to adopt a new technology with a different protocol. WAP is the protocol &Mark up language is WML. A portal with such an access via mobile phone is called mobile portal.

We Offer

We offer turnkey solution to build a portal. That include  Research, Web Programming, Graphics Design, Content Development, Hosting & Maintenance

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