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Dynamic Database Driven Web sites
Online searchable database design and programming

Online searchable databases are replacing the web sites designed by static pages. Sound database design and programming is very important for those who approach ebusiness seriously

In the beginning the use of Internet was limited for communication and providing information. In this limited sense also it was very difficult to provide information through web sites designed by static pages. Because one  needed to change the page every time for new entry. Online web sites with searchable  database  is gaining popularity now. Client server architecture design  is  transforming to web based  application designing. Programming with new technologies such as ASP, JSP, Servlet, XML has contributed very much for this. Oracle and SQL Server databases has  proved its reliability in  the web also.

You can easily provide updated information through Internet using dynamically generated web pages. Now companies are looking for doing business through Internet. New technologies are helpful in this field. You can easily develop database driven web site or change your existing web site with new technologies. 

We Offer

 Design and development of web sites having online searchable database; which will generate dynamic pages from the database

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