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Ebusiness Research

EBusiness Research

Basic ebusiness research to formulate strategy and business model  is very important before going for portal, ecommerce/mcommerce business 

"There is still a lot of time to build a great business-build a company to last, not to flip" says  George Colony the Founder &CEO of Massachusetts based Forrester Research a leading Internet Market Research firm- with 15 country presence.

Starting a business is a dream and it never should flip. A good input on forward looking projections is very important. Most companies need a lot of handholding to change their buying and selling processes, before they get hooked on to ebusiness. And professional firms banking its experience in industry and technology trends, forecasts, products and vendor evaluation to help them jump into untested waters.

Ebusiness models should evaluate opportunities and threats for the industry and optimize the supply chain, eprocurement and business collaboration with web technologies.

To evolve companies from bricks and mortar to click and mortar they need to do sufficient Research so that your step never flip.

We  Offer

1. Basic research to formulate strategy &business model and come up with a Business plan for ecommerce/mcommerce,portal business

2. Analyzes your business model &come up with a technology solution.

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