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Content is the King

As we have mentioned earlier 'Fresh and rich content is a key player in creating any  popular site. So for your site to attract visitors and thereby building your business through the web site; on line content development is very important. Before  deciding  the content  in a  web page  careful analysis of the online user type  and their online behavior  is to be done '

Users can be either individual surfers or representatives  of an organization. This opens two kinds of content markets. Business to consumer , and business to business . Arts,entertainment news or political updates are good examples for  the first category. Detailed  sales analysis  of Cold rolled steel is a good example for the second category 

For a good and  attractive content , the  content provider  must understand the Internet medium as a whole .In the net the content should be available 24 hours a day , seven days a week. Several surveys of online behavior seems to indicate that news , entertainment , sports and directory information are popular categories of consumer online content

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