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Help with ASP Programming
Asp programming tips

ASP (Active server pages from Microsoft )has catched the attention of web developers and component developers for its speed,  ease of database programming, low asp hosting charges,and  its high performance.

Most of the cases people use javascript and vbscript for doing the frond end scripting. Here you can find  some of the tips to improve the performance during the  development of  software 

ASP tips to improve performance and style

1) Releasing of resources 

ADO connections and recordsets are the prime candidates for this type of optimization. After the operation of the recordset , release it immediately , no need of waiting until the end of the page. Set recordset variable to nothing after closing it. Release any command and connection objects.

2) Use option Explicit

This forces to declare all variables before its use. Declared variables are faster than undeclared variables. This is because , undeclared by name by the scripting runtime references , every time they are used Declared variables on the other hand , are assigned an ordinal either compile time or runtime. Ordinal references are faster than name reference

3) Batch inline scripts and response.write statements.

4) Use recordset's ordinal reference rather than rs("fieldname") or rs.fields("fieldname")

5) When displaying database results , the table tag must be closed before the next scan

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