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Useful Tips in Web Graphics

Graphic design tips

Web graphic design is important just because images are an excellent way of communication.

There are many problems for using images in HTML documents. For e.g.. More elaborate your images, the audience will not wait for your page to load. Thus if your web pages are not designed properly it can become a liability . The challenge in web site development ,designing and maintenance ,  is to update the web site /page using latest software and tools.  

Our  Programmers and Designers  have some tips  to offer 

The main issues in web graphics  are File size, Physical dimensions and File type

1. Reducing file size

Reduce no. of colors. Reducing the color depth from millions of colors to 256, the reduction in quality is very little while the difference in file size will be more


2. Physical Dimensions

Limit image size to not more than 600 X 400 pixels. The images can be smaller than you think and still be effective. The following factors will influence while you set your image size

They are file size, image's purpose, overall page design and your visitor's computer settings.

3. File type

Use a format that compress the file. Two main image formats are GIF and JPG and new one PNG, which combines the best of both GIF and JPG. The advantage of GIF is its lossless compression. But support only 256 colors. JPG uses lossy compression algorithm but supports more than 256 colors. By setting the JPG compression and number of dots per inch (DPI) we can reduce the file size. Most image editing programs allows this.

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