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Useful Tips In Flash

Tips in flash

Find some useful tips and techniques in Macromedia flash

Sound in Flash

Flash 4 allows you to export sound file in MP3 format. This file format allows you to make sound files one-tenth of its original size because of its superior compression abilities. But flash does not support MP3 as an import file type. To reduce the size of movie you can set each export format and compression level for individual sounds. Double-click your sound objects in the Library to open the Sound Properties dialog box. You can set the file format as MP3 also set the bit rate and quality. Select bit rate as 16 kbps and quality as Fast for normal cases.

Opening HTML pages in Flash

You can use Get URL action to load a specific URL. First you make the link as button, then specify the URL after that export the movie. Then only you can check whether it is working or not.


Organizing Library

In Flash 4 you can easily organize your library by creating folders. To create a new folder, simply open the Library and from the Options menu select New Folder. Give name for the folder, then drag and drop the appropriate symbols into it.

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