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Web flash animation

We refer the multimedia elements as any thing which can include in a web page other than HTML code and static images . Web graphic animation using Macromedia flash technology is very popular.

You can provide animations in a web page in  different ways.

Macromedia Shockwave

The Macromedia shockwave plug in displays animations , movies , and other presentation. It can  be created using Macromedia flash available at

Animated GIFS

This is a file includes a bunch of images together to give the illusion of the movement. A common use is to help attract visitor's attention to a specific element.

Software for creating animated Gifs are

Microsoft GIF animator (obtain from

You can create single GIF images using Adobe PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro
Java Applets

Applets developed with java programing language are mini programs with which you can animate objects , scroll the text , or add animations (interactive components) to the web site.

We Offer

Providing web animations and movies in the webpage using animated Gifs, 3d, Java applets, and Macromedia Shockwave

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