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Web Page Development Using Flash

Web page development using flash

Macromedia flash is  a great  development tool   to  create interactive web graphic design, animation,game ,movie, illustration,multimedia presentations etc  for the creative developers. Where typical web site graphics take more than a minute to load; flash sites may take less than 10 seconds. Flash movies are saved in shock wave format (SWF). 

Flash animation has great interactivity .It maintain high quality even with the poorest  display configurations. Flash is easy to use with its interface

Since flash is using vector graphics , the quality of the images is very high . Vector graphics tell a Computer how to draw an image , it looks always good for any type of computer in contrast to bitmapped animation which are made by resizing and distorting a matrix of pixels of fixed size.

We Offer

Development of interactive web site using Flash. Use of action script in flash will reduce the size of animation.

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