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Redesign of the Web site

Web site redesign

Redesign your web site with reputed redesigners can change your total business

One Internet year is 55 days!! Yes almost 7 times faster than a year in the real world!!! . As companies in the real world restructure/redesign their business and building ,your Ebusiness also require it. As Bhagawat Gita says 'Change is the only permanent thing in the Universe' The challenge in web Site Development ,designing and maintenance ,  is to update the web site /page using latest software and tools. Let us change for positive reasons . Programmers and Designers  have new things to offer in line with changing trends 

It is good to conduct a brainstorming session before going for it. A collective thinking can bring better results. Let us analyze some important points

1. What is the type of site you are planning for?

Portal, Company web site just to provide info, ECom /MCom site, Personal web site , A temp web site to tell about an event..?

If it is a Portal you have to give a lot of thrust for community building. Also it must be fresh, content rich and fast to reach more people. While a temp web site just for an event has a different orientation. Its not looking for a community staying with it for ever.

2. What type of image you are looking for?

Technology,Commercial,Spiritual, Content rich, Spiritual, Celebration, Simple Brochure ..?

The dress you wear for an interview is different from what you wear on a joyful weekend. The activity is different, stuff is different

3. Location to which it meant for?

America, India, All over the World..?

In US one just cant understand how people can accept arranged marriages. In India people are not able to digest dating. In India rate of data transfer is starting from 0.1 kbps while in US cable modems are common. So one site just focus people staying in NY City can go for more graphics while a service like hotmail will go for less graphics considering speed of access in remote places 
Differences in culture , language and technology exists between people groups.

4. Your Preferences

Some people like animation, some does not. Some people like deep colors while others like light shades...

If it is a Personal web site you are free to choose what you like. If its business or service oriented site then it has to consider the nature of business/service. Do sufficient research with respect to color, look and feel, layout etc. Also analyze similar service providers, competitors. Then come out with your own version.

5. Preferences about Technology

Modern Technology always has its advantages. Try to embrace it when you are sure that it is working well. For example Flash is modern technology with a lot of positive impact

6. Do you own other reputed sites ?

Its good to show some of your good sites to the development partner to give them a better picture about your taste.

7. Analyze your competitor

If your competitor is performing well there must be some solid reasons behind it. There is no harm in adopting successful patterns in a refined fashion. Never simply copy anything. Your competitor may have a different business strategy than you understand. So come out with your own version

I 8. Target the audience

Target the audience and make an action plan to promote your site. Let us consider 4 groups given below.

Children, Women, Indians, Cold Rolled Steel Manufactures

Each segment has its own peculiarity. Children has a liking for toys while the other three segments has only limited interest in it.

9. Content

Remember Content is the King. And Strong King will conquer nations. Again it depends on type of business. Content for content is never suggested.

10. Visitor key words

Ensure that the key word entered by your visitors are matching with your targeted audience. Targeted visitors should keep on coming.

11. Popularity of page

Constant analysis of the popularity of the page is to be done. And make those pages quickly available on navigation. Also find the key words in it. It can benefit for your other pages also.

12. Visitor Action

Analyze what your visitors are doing. Just a few second visit may not benefit you. Also no turning back after first visit is an alarming thing. Use a good site statistics program or service to track this.

13. Navigation 
Design your navigation links in such a way that the visitor must able to get any type of info with just three clicks.

14. Discussion forums
Keep mutually benefited from your visitors by exchange of information. If it is relevant to your nature of business use discussion forums, poll, survey, guest book chat etc.

15. Speed 
It is very important to remember that there are places were data transfer happens at 0.1 kbps. So the preparation has to done not only on graphics but also in Database design, Apt use of Technology, Stored Procedures etc.

16. Graphics and Animation
Graphics need to communicate a concept. Also it should load fast. Right use of technology can reduce the size of Graphics and Animation

17. Find Right People to Redesign your site

Your web site is your company's signature. 

When you are thinking of redesigning it Think of a company -not a person-who are good not only in Graphics alone but also in Technology 

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